African Men's Fashion Trends

Posted on 17 January 2018

What is it that most of you know about the styles of Africa? More commonly the Ankara fashion trend which is one of the most trendy African fashion styles that has gained their prestige in the world of fashion known to be tremendously fashionable. The streets of Lagos are where this fashion trend of Ankara has made it to the top in the industry of fashion.

What is West African Ankara style?

As it has been mentioned above, Ankara style is known as the native style of the male and female fashion in Africa. But since we are talking about the male fashion trends here, let us just stick to what men should be wearing to look trendy and chic. This trend has spread worldwide as a hit fashion trend of Africa for the men. Known for their unique styles of African prints, a lot of superstars in countless numbers have been spotted wearing this Ankara fashion style suits and dresses. The African wax print is seen in catwalks all over the world.

If you are still suspicious about what Ankara, the most popular African style is, just know this one fact. This word is mainly used to describe the fabric prints that are found in the Nigerian and African natives. Usually the clothing that they mostly wear. This style is not only found in clothes, but it is also seen in accessories, jewelries, bags and shoes. It is produced in the region of Africa as one of their traditional clothing. However, with the vast change in the designs and trends of today, it is hard to define what the African fabric is to the exact. Everyone in the continent of Africa makes this fabric unique in their own styles and ways.

The African prints of Ankara emerged in the 1980s. This is the time when all the manufacturers of fabrics in the region of West Africa increased the production of these clothes of Ankara in order to meet the very high demands. Due to this, it had made a huge impact on the economy of the West African states and Nigeria. Eventually making the prints of Africa famous amongst the world.


1.    African Jackets and Shorts

This is literally one of the most practical outfits a man could wear. This African style can be worn as a mix or switched between the shorts and jacket or vice versa.

african jacket and shorts


2.    African Pants

You can wear African print pants with a monochrome shirt. But a better way to wear it is with a plain crisp shirt along with a jacket that matches the pants for a more chic attire.

african wax print


3.    African Accessories

Planning on standing out at work with your attire? Enjoy a look that is smart and drool worthy by wearing an African print tie with your suit. It is one of the latest styles that you could find. This detailing that is simple will change your look tremendously. You might also want to get an African belt or maybe a bunch of African buttons to sow on your shirt.

african fabrics

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