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Posted on 29 January 2018

African Wax Print - A Striking Mainstay of African Fashion

African Wax print a mainstay of African fashion and you observe its presence in every fashion show. Vibrant colors and densely patterns are the basic traits of African wax prints and people have been tailoring the fabric into different gowns, skirts, and stylish shirts. Nowadays, every fashion week in Europe or Africa is incomplete without wax print and it’s influencing the fashion around the globe. 

Brief History of African Wax Print

You will be surprised to know that the identification fabric of African culture, African Wax Print, is not originated from Africa. Neither it’s designed by the local Africans nor they have any effort in the manufacturing of the fabric. The popular African Wax Print is actually designed by European textile industries which later picked by the African textiles and they made it their own after the large sale of the fabric. Another story associated with the origin of the African Wax Print says that the West African men who were used as slaved by the Dutch army became a source of the introducing the fabric in European countries in mid-1800. Some other vague also associated to African Wax Print, but recently Vlisco prints are popular and the Dutch company is progressing by leaps and bounds.

Preparation of Batik in Indonesia

African Wax Print which is famous as Ankara in these days is believed that originated from Indonesia as batik. A small amount of hot liquid wax is taken in an etching tool and different designs are made on the cloth. After the evolution of the batik, European countries brought huge changes in the manufacturing process and introduced roller printed fabrics and ended the custom of handmade African Wax Print.

Reasons of Popularity of African Wax Print

There are enormous popularity reasons of African Wax Print and the major ones are as following;

  • It’s the pure form cotton and extremely soft to touch. Because of the high-quality of the fabric, African Wax Print is expensive than the other kinds of African prints.
  • African Wax print is the best solution of the summer season when scorching heat and the blazing sun never let you wear any other fabric.
  • Vibrant colors and variety in designs make it the best alternative of silk or fancy clothes and even you can wear it on weddings or special events.
  • The delicate fabric of African Wax Print stretchable and perfectly tailored into different shapes like blouses, skirts, and shirts.

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