African Wedding Attire

Posted on 27 February 2017


Here's Hilton Textiles guide for fashion at an African Wedding


The Traditional African Wedding Dress Code

The exciting and yet also essential part of African wedding, is the traditional extravagant outfits worn. Forget about your "traditional Western culture", leave all those predictable and boring white puffy lace dresses and tuxedos.

Instead follow your heart and shop for gorgeous matching outfit for the couple made from the same patterned fabric :)

The Bride: The Voile Lace.

She will always look like an African Queen in the stunning voile laces, which are gorgeous, extravagant and eye catching. The Bride will wear, outfits consist of the wrap-around "skirt" known as a wrapper and a matching blouse and head scarf 

The Groom: The Shadda.

The groom will wear a luxurious Shaddah brocade, the popular choices are Filtex and Bauer brocades. Sometimes the groom will choose the soft men's Voile materials for added comfort 

Guests and Family:

The amazing thing about African Weddings is the style and the colour and hairstyle themes that everybody connects with. Family members tend to stick to different patterns in the same colours. This is exceptionally beautiful, especially in photographs. The most popular tends to be the Vlisco super wax or holland wax. 

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