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4 most Popular African Fabrics

Posted on 24 July 2017

4 Popular African Fabrics

African fabrics have gained attention globally after the keen interest shown by European textile companies. European people and Africans settled there have started wearing the fabrics which have increased the demand for African fabrics a lot. The innovative designs of Vlisco have emerged as trend setters and designers are using the fabrics in utilizing their unique ideas. After the huge success of Vlisco prints and the record sale of $370 million, people are looking for the African fabrics and want to get benefit from the innovative designs. If you are also one of them, then you are at the right place as we are going to share the details of 5 best African fabrics.

1. Capulana

Capulana is a traditional African fabric in Mozambique and known as one of the finest handmade cloth. The local people were using only three colors, white, red, and black. However, the advancement in other fabrics also brought a good change in the manufacturing of Capulana. Now, you see a huge variety of colors and designs while appealing patterns are also available

2. Saso Dan Fani

Saso Dan Fani has great importance in African culture as it’s the finest form of African fabrics. Usually, the width of the cloth is 12cm and the length is about 50cm. In the local language, the meaning of Saso Dan Fani is woven lion cloth of the country. You can understand the importance of the fabric from the fact that President Thomas Sankara gave special attention to this fabric and opened various centers to teach women about the manufacturing of Saso Dan Fani in order to empower women

3. Kinta

Akan is another name of Kitna which is among the most demanded African fabrics. The fabric is a combination of silk and cotton and usually woven by the locals of West Nigeria. Weddings and special occasions are the best events to wear the graceful attires made of Kinta

4. Voile Laces

The renowned Volie laces fabric has proven its mettle all over the world and it’s the finest form of pure cotton. Pure cotton is used as the raw material which is later printed with high-quality dyes and with the help of computerized printers to ensure the best quality. Volie laces are widely being used in the manufacturing of skirts, skirts, and summer lingerie by the European designers.    

Getting high-quality African fabrics is no more a big deal after the arrival of trustworthy online websites like Hilton Textiles which allows ordering online and promises you to deliver the best quality.

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