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Vilsco is a big name in African clothing and African fashion due to its remarkable fabric. The Dutch based company started its operation in 1846 and introduced the use of advanced printing methods instead of the hand printed methods which had been used by the Indonesian manufacturers. The high-quality fabrics of Vlisco didn’t take long to get popular and earned both name and fame. Dutch East India route used for the trade of the fabric and within no time in becoming one of the most demanded fabrics in West Africa. Creativity is another noteworthy feature of Vlisco which stands it out from the crowd. Appealing designs, vibrant colors, and the combination of light and dark colors are the prominent traits of Vlisco. The brand believes in innovation and every print exhibits the high aesthetic taste of the designer. The company never hesitates in experiencing new things and manufactures new and comfy fabrics which are better than their previous forms. You see innovation in every piece whether it’s designed for the traditional purpose or for the eve of special occasions. Vlisco opts for the advanced and reliable manufacturing methods and never compromise over quality. 18 months training is given to the new designers so they understand the requirements of the company and actual aesthetic taste of the customers. A wide range of styles and designs are prepared by the designers and company chooses only the best one which has potential to reap the utmost profit. Computerized weaving and printing machines are used in the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality and no flaw in the output. Vlisco is a name of quality and believes in perfection.

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