Brocade Selection


 Brocade is one of the most famous and prestigious traditional fabrics of West Africa, considered a symbol of luxury for its soft material and fine quality. It is fashioned from 100% cotton using traditional and innovative textile techniques, and Hilton Textiles allows you to shop a strikingly attractive variety for both, men and women. The fine quality cotton fabric and intricate digital designs of brocade make a classy apparel choice for men, and with Hilton Textile, you can pick out several covetable varieties of brocade. The Getzner Super Magnum Gold Brocade is one of the finest varieties of exclusive brocade, and as the official partners of Getzner, Hilton Textiles presents you the best and most unique designs from their collections. Often referred to as the ‘fabric that dances’, Getzner is the most luxurious of all brocades manufactured in Africa. The 40 Star Men’s Brocade Shaddah is another equally distinctive and fine creation crafted with premium quality fabrics. Its exotic styles and unique colour patterns make it an amazingly charming choice for festive occasions and special affairs. You can chose your pick from a remarkable variety of exclusive designs and vibrant colour palettes. The Hilton’s Origa is a unique and exclusive collection that we manufacture from the finest quality fabrics to provide our customers a premium fabric that suits their lavish tastes. Its charming patterns and versatile colour schemes are ideal for festivities and special occasions. If you want to grab the finest brocade for men in the African fashion market, the Grand Bauer Brocade is the luxury you seek. Exclusively made in Germany for our clientele at the Hilton Textiles, the Grand Bauer allows you to experience the beauty and softness of brocade unlike any other garment. For women who seek the glamorous luxury of brocade, we present the finest and most exclusive varieties to enjoy this traditional African fabric. Her Royal Highness Brocade, an exclusive line created for the Hilton Textiles, allows you to flaunt fine quality brocade with a wide variety of innovative digital colour combinations, exotic designs and unique patterns. Manufactured in Europe, it promises the durability and gentle softness of 100% pure cotton with premium quality printing that will never fade away. This is undoubtedly your ideal pick for both, casual wear and festive occasions. Designer Boutique Brocade is another exclusive line by Hilton Textiles that allows you to scoop up the most attractive and gorgeous designs, created with 100% cotton.



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