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The streets of Ghana welcome you to a glorious splendour of the local women flaunting beautiful textures, vibrant prints and romantically feminine colour palettes created with luxuriously comfortable fabrics. Popular for its traditional fabric-making techniques, dying traditions and culturally-rich designs, Ghana is the undoubtedly the most creative and essential fashion capital in the artistic landscape of Africa. Hilton Textiles entice you to immerse yourself in the exotic fabrics of Ghana’s wild Batik wax printed clothes, vibrant Meba Wo Aborokye, and Seersucker fabrics. These rare and unique fabrics are the pride of the artistic talent of the city, and from socialites to local vendors, everyone enjoys the luxurious comfort and vibrant patterns of these fabrics. Sold under the name of Sonna, Meba Wo Aborokye, is a traditional Ghanaian fabric created from 100% pure cotton. This luxuriously comfortable fabric is immensely popular with the locals, and it is worn on all kinds of occasion. Needless to say, Meba Wo Aborokye is an integral element Ghana’s rich artistic culture and traditional heritage. You can purchase clothing, towels, and Cardings from our extensive and exclusive collection. African women appreciate the intricacy of complex patterns and the feminine sensuality of vibrant colour palettes. You can enjoy the gentle softness of the Seersucker fabric, an incredibly thin and comfortable cotton variety that is immensely popular for summertime apparel. Derived from the Persian word for milk and sugar, Shiroshakar, or seersucker is blended from cotton and woven with a unique traditional technique which causes the bunched threads to rise off and away from the skin. The wrinkled beauty of the rare seersucker fabric is excellent for those who seek breathable clothing, as it also enhances circulation. This luxurious cotton blended fabric is very famous in South Africa, and you can enjoy its beauty with exotic and vibrant prints, vertical stripes and unique wax designs. It can be used to create both, casual wear and festive dressy outfits. Ghana is famous for being the richest hub of luxuriously soft and breathable cotton, and Hilton Textiles allow you to shop this gloriously comfortable fabric with a wide variety of stunning prints. Colours and patterns are a striking specialty of the artisans in Ghana, and you can shop excitingly energetic colour combinations, unique designs and artsy floral detailing. Ghanaian fabrics are the ultimate experience of lavish comfort and gentle softness that beguiles the skin and delights a person with its feather-like touch. 

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