Bauer Le Premier Brocade - BLP001 - Sky Blue
Bauer Le Premier Brocade - BLP001 - Sky Blue


Bauer Le Premier Brocade - BLP001 - Sky Blue


Product Details

Made in Germany Exclusive for Hilton Textiles. The Grand Bauer Brocade is becoming increasingly popular in the African fashion market. The unique designs and hard wearing quality make these brocades the finest available. Select The Best Grand Bauer Brocade

THE Bauer BAZIN RICHE Brocade is produced in Germany.

Woven and finished by the renowned company Curt Bauer. For over 40 years, Bauer has produced the supreme Bazin Brocade for the west African market. We are proud to present the exclusive luxury Bauer Brocade  - Made from the highest quality materials woven in a two tone shiny finish. This Brocade Bazin is perfect with all celebrations and functions, made from 100% fine Egyptian cotton with a special finish, this Brocade will make you stand out from the crowd!
  • Made from 100% fine Egyptian cotton
  • Durable yet soft textured fabric
  • 160cm wide
  • Incredible shiny finish
  • Exclusive to Hilton Textiles

    Available in 5 or 10 yards 

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