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West Africa's Bridal Fabrics

The wedding fashion of West Africa is as bright and alluring as the people who are attending the happy festival along with their friends, family and the well-wishers at the soul of the ceremony. Whether you are planning a West African wedding or you are going to be attending one, it would be very helpful to know about all the options that are ahead of you. Gladly, there are two options in the African wedding fabric that are ahead of you to pick from. One of them is Ankara which is a modern yet affordable category of the wedding garment and the other one is Aso Ebi which is also called Aschobi. It is a more traditional and expensive version of the fabric.  

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Ankara is a very popular bridal fabric among the people of the younger generations. Moreover it has a style that is modern and it is inexpensive comparatively. It has also made its way in the modern fashion world, as you will see many catwalk models wearing this as a western fashion on the ramps. This fabric is worth showing off because of the beauty that it holds. Despite its qualifying features, the colors are very vivid, hence there are only a few to choose from.

Example of Ankara bridal dress | Source: Vlisco

Organza Fabric

The organza fabric is also one of the West African fabrics and it beholds a beauty of its own. According to the cultural norms of West Africa, it is the bride’s decision to choose her outfit the way she wants to make it. The guest then get the material and they get the garments stitched the way the brides want them to be. The component of customization makes the material organza very unique and it also expresses the true beauty that lies within the fabric. The fabric organza is generally very bright and colorful adding extra vibrancy to the collection and celebration it is used for.

Lace Fabric

Lace fabrics can be used to improve the African fabrics. A touch of lace in the designs makes it worth the while and enhances the beauty of the outfit even more. They can be used to create distinctly eye-catching outfits. These fabrics possess a very unique, vibrant and singular style. There is no way that the fact of this fabric being bold and beautiful can be denied.

Wedding Fabric brought from Hilton Textiles - Fine Swiss Lace fabric | Source: Hafsat

Aso Ebi

Made from the special fabric called Aso Oke, this fabric is the traditional material in most countries of the western region of Africa. This cloth is handmade and intricately designed. Hence it is very expensive compared to the other fabric types and they are also very hard to obtain than the ones that are used in the outfits made from Ankara. Although there is no denying that this fabric’s gorgeousness and beautifulness makes it worth the while. Aso Ebi wedding dresses are worn by the bride, her friends and her family members in matching sets. Making the two sides of the groom and the bride distinguishable, they wear unifying designs to avoid any confusion between the two families.

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