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The women of Ghana wear fabrics that are typical making them look tremendously beautiful in the streets. The patterns of the dresses that wear are complex and the cuts of the dresses are well sown, making them look lively. It is a very essential part of Accra, which is a landscape of Africa. The patterns of the wax printed Batik clothes are wild, and the designs that are intricate are extremely democratic in Accra. Both the socialites and the vendors on the streets wear this fabric. 


Ghana Cloth - Names & Colours


Batik is one of the fabrics that are made at home. Esther is famously known to have the best kind of Batik in Accra. Beautiful colors and hand prints are used widely in the making of Batik prints. The fabric is produced by both the women and children of the home and it takes less than three hours to create a fabric of your own to take home. You can choose from the different types of patterns and shapes that you desire to have and put it on your fabric. Soon after, the fabric is ready to be dyed into a barrel. When all this is done, the material is dried and ready to take home.


During the late XIX, wax was copied by both the English and the Dutch settlers from the Island of Java in Indonesia. They learned the process and reproduced the entire process of wax and made a replica using different colors that were more vibrant. It is said that the workers of Ghana in Indonesia at that time brought the wax back to their state.

African wax prints are very common in Africa and Ghana. These materials are produced industrially with cotton cloths that are colorful with the prints of Batik. Unfortunately, with the arousal of Chinese fabric, the local and original market of Africa is dying down. The fabric is normally sols in yards as a twelve yard piece of a six yard piece. The choices of the colors comply with the locals of the place, according to their preferences. Celebratory clothing is mainly made out of this.


It is the most typical symbol. It is known as an Asante’s cloth that is used during ceremonies. It represents different aspects of the ethics of Ghana, along with its social, philosophical and religious heritage through changes in the patterns and colors.  

Seersucker Fabric

Seersucker print fabric is known as the apparel of summer. It is a comfortable cotton or cotton print material. It is made in such a way that the threads of the material make the skin rise. It is often found in stripes that are vertical.

Meba Wo Abrokyere

This consists of a wide range of products such as towels, and Cardings sold famously under the name of Sonna.

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